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Welcome to Maucher CNC-Robotic GmbH

We provide the key technology to transform industrial robots into CNC machining centers

Maucher CNC-Robotic GmbH was founded in 2020.

The goal: Development and sale of modular, highly flexible machining and handling solutions based on CNC robots that are true to the web. On request, we offer everything from a single source: turnkey, CE-tested machining cells with CNC robots - without and with process or embedded in interlinked system concepts.

A special focus is on moving programming away from the machine and 100% into the digital twin. This enables location-independent programming, real-time monitoring of the machines, predictive maintenance and full integration of all processes into your ERP system.

Rely on our expertise and our experts' decades of experience with robotics, CNC and demanding manufacturing processes in various industries.


Intelligently networked and process-optimized fixtures and tools


CE approved robot with machine control Payload: 7Kg-650Kg Range: 630mm-3700mm


Turnkey CNC machining without process


Turnkey CNC machining with process


Interlinked plant concepts incl. handling

Motivation and background knowledge

We are a young high-tech company based in Germany. In terms of product life cycle and market potential, the company offers a key technology in robotics that combines the tried and true with the new and has become a killer technology that is shaking up the multi-billion dollar industrial robot market.

Germany is still one of the most competitive industrial locations and at the same time the leading factory supplier worldwide. The strong mechanical and plant engineering sector attracts worldwide attention.

Like no other country, Germany and its European partners are able to fully shape the potential of Industry 4.0.

German companies are increasingly coming into the crosshairs of foreign investors. Filet pieces, such as the Augsburg robot manufacturer, are being taken over and many knowledge carriers are leaving the country.

The basis for innovation is drying out, our foundation is developing cracks. But, and this is the good news, new things are increasingly forming in these cracks.

The idea of combining a tried and tested CNC machine control with commercially available 6-axis kinematics is groundbreaking and holds enormous potential.

Leading robot manufacturers have recognized this. However, they are increasingly running into a dead end. Their in-house robot control systems are becoming superfluous, generating unnecessarily high levels of complexity, creating additional costs and unnecessarily straining, in some cases even no existing human resources.

Maucher CNC Robotic GmbH takes this further to the extreme by interpolating an additional 2 axes that are used in their standardized robot cells.

One pillar of our cutting-edge technology accommodates the ability of even the smallest company to make lucrative use with existing human resources of CNC robots down to batch size 1.

For large companies, our system offers a holistic concept that completely dispenses with type-dependent robot controllers and can be integrated into their smart factory without interfaces or compromises.

The location-independent and decentrally organized programming in the digital twin, parallel to production, ensures minimal changeover times.

Worldwide service in seconds through the use of augmented reality.

Our technology expands the possibilities of robotics in these application areas, among others:

  • Milling of molded parts made of soft to medium-strength materials such as wood, plastic, aluminum, composite materials, etc.
  • Polishing and grinding of molded parts
  • Coating and surface treatment of complex component surfaces
  • Edging and trimming of complex components and component contours
  • Laser, plasma, water jet cutting of complex components.

Our manufacturing systems are equipped by:






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