Familiar tool chains:

CAM programming for CNC robots

With CNC-Robotic you use completely new possibilities in machining - but can fall back on proven and familiar tool chains and work processes. This starts with programming, continues with 3D simulation and ends with the postprocessor for the CNC. Offline and efficiently generate the G-code for your machining cells with CNC robots.

Digital transformation: We supply the digital twin of our machining cells.

Programming via your
CAM systems

You can easily integrate our machining cells with CNC robots into CAM systems such as TEBIS or NX-CAM. Kinematics, safety areas and 3D model for simulations are integrated as you know it from other machines. A short training session shows your CAM experts how to use the additional axes and possibilities of the CNC robots and workpiece tables of our cells for more efficient machining. Postprocessor and digital twin are supplied by us free of charge.

No CAM-system?

The alternative to CAM systems is programming in Visual Components from Dualis. We provide you with the digital twin of your individual machining cells with all information on the CNC robot and all axis kinematics at the same time. In Visual Components, you can then create machining programs and simulate complete processes in 3D, true to detail - including reachability checks and collision checks.