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Maucher CNC-Robotic

The perfect balance between Precision and speed


Compared to conventional industrial robots, Maucher CNC robotics offer a variety of advantages, which are particularly visible in the precision and speed of the movements.

One of the biggest advantages is the possibility of precise movements without having to sacrifice maximum speed.

Thanks to the intelligent control and high accuracy of CNC technology, a CNC robot achieves the best possible contour fidelity in its movements, which is essential for applications with high precision requirements.

The simplest G-code programming is used. G-code is the most widely used and supported programming language for CNC machines and is therefore the best way to best adapt to the increasing shortage of skilled workers.

Maximum speed, maximum acceleration and the perfect braking performance.

Thanks to advanced CNC technology and state-of-the-art control, a CNC robot can accelerate and brake very quickly and easily influenced. This increases productivity and reduces cycle times.

Another powerful lever is the so-called "Look Ahead" functions, which make it possible to anticipate future movements of the robot and thus execute the movements even more precisely and quickly. This further increases efficiency and maximizes contour-following movements without sacrificing speed.

Individually adaptable NC set compressors.

These allow NC programs to be compressed and further optimized, resulting in faster execution and even greater efficiency of the CNC robot.

All this makes the Maucher CNC Robotic modular principle in combination with CNC robots the ideal tool to be able to produce competitively in high price countries such as Germany and to position oneself in the best possible way against the increasing shortage of skilled workers.

Maucher CNC Robotic

Eine Antwort auf den global shortage of skilled workers in robotics

Every robot manufacturer develops its own ecosystems for a variety of reasons. But everything we would actually need to end the shortage of skilled workers in one fell swoop has already been around for 60 years!

In the world of robotics, there is still no uniform programming language. No real standard has been able to establish itself.


From that point of view, it is quite justified to ask this question:

Why invent something new when we can already use a globally established system today, uniformly?

Let yourself be inspired by the simplest ideas on our website. We offer not only corporations, but also medium-sized and small businesses a uniform and easy access to the world of automation with robots.

Of course, it is of great importance to use proven methods and technologies to ensure safe production and create a solid foundation. At the same time, however, one should always be open to new developments and technical advances in order to benefit from the advantages of innovations.


"Artificial Intelligence" in robotics:

For Maucher CNC Robotic it is no longer a question of if but when we will offer our customers CNC robots that can be programmed completely automatically using artificial intelligence. Without, and this is very important to us, having to do without the proven G-code.



Natural language processing AIs (such as the currently prominent ChatGPT), are able to create machine programs because they can understand and interpret human language. This allows an AI to receive instructions and requests in natural language and translate them into the appropriate machine languages such as: G-code or other programming languages.


Combining this with other artificial intelligences is the key.

CAD data, which are ideally suited as training models due to their uniqueness, are used as a further building block. To connect this intelligently with a CNC machine control in the further course is only a diligence task. Since the semi-skilled AI takes into account all necessary personal and machine safety parameters, AI-controlled robot systems will not contain any safety-relevant deficits.


The AI takes into account both historical data and current process conditions. The system calculates the optimal control strategy to avoid deviations from the target values. This significantly increases process stability. A wide variety of processing tasks are handled in the best possible way.

CNC-controlled robots:

Robotics in manufacturing think completely new

You know what can be done with robots in manufacturing - and what not? Think NEW! We control robots via a Sinumerik CNC - directly, precisely, every drive, every axis. Profit already from Lot size 1CNC robotics is a revolution. Robots are (finally!) becoming precise, highly flexible solutions for manufacturing and handling that any CNC technician can program. Rethink robots. Rethink your manufacturing.

Precise and true to the track

CNC-Robotic enables precise, true-to-path robot movements. For the first time, robots can be used directly as a flexible manufacturing solution. Whether handling, cutting, gluing, bonding, deburring - CNC-controlled robots work precisely, true to path and with repeat accuracy.

Everything is G-Code

CNC-Robotic allows seamless integration into existing tool chains - without proprietary robot controllers. You program robots directly in G-code, via the CNC controller or your CAD/CAM system. The robot becomes a flexible machine tool. If you can do CNC, you can do CNC robotics.

Finished Process solutions

Risky, expensive robot projects? Not with us. We offer complete, proven and CE-certified process solutions in standardized cells. Lean, highly flexible automation and integrated manufacturing solutions with everything you love about CNC: Familiar interfaces, networking, occupational safety, collision protection, visualization, monitoring and fully integrated S7 world (TIA Portal) for your plant control.

Wir entwickeln uns weiter:

Erweiterung unserer Dienstleistungen ab Januar 2024

CE-Dienstleistungen gemäß Maschinenrichtlinie und aller relevanten Normen
Umfassende Konformitätsprüfung: Überprüfung der Maschinen und Anlagen hinsichtlich aller relevanten Normen und Richtlinien, einschließlich EN ISO 12100 (Risikobeurteilung), EN ISO 13849 (Sicherheitsbezogene Teile von Steuerungen) und weiteren branchenspezifischen Normen.

Detaillierte Risikoanalyse und -management: Durchführung von detaillierten Risikoanalysen, um alle potenziellen Gefahren zu identifizieren und zu bewerten, gefolgt von der Entwicklung und Implementierung von Risikominderungsstrategien.

Anpassung an spezifische Branchenanforderungen: Berücksichtigung der spezifischen Anforderungen verschiedener Branchen, wie Automotive, Lebensmittelverarbeitung oder Pharma, und Anpassung der Konformitätsstrategien entsprechend.

Roboterlayout und Anlagenplanung
Analyse der spezifischen Anforderungen und Herausforderungen des Kunden.

Identifizierung der optimalen Automatisierungslösung, die auf den Produktionsprozess und die Unternehmensziele abgestimmt ist.

Entwicklung von kundenspezifischen Roboteranlagen-Layouts unter Berücksichtigung der räumlichen Gegebenheiten und Produktionsziele.

Erstellung von detaillierten Plänen und Modellen, die eine effiziente und effektive Implementierung ermöglichen.

7 reasons for CNC-controlled robotics

Robots that follow the path
Direct CNC control of all drives and axes allows robots to make precise, path-controlled movements for use in industrial machining.

All in G-Gode
The programming is done via G-code. If you can do CNC, you can do CNC robotics. Put your trust in your experienced CNC specialists.

Tried and tested tool chains
From CAD/CAM design to CNC: You work with exactly the same tools and continuous tool chains that you already use.

Ready solutions
Maucher CNC robotics offer them ready-made, CE-certified process solutions. Our cells can be set up extremely quickly and used immediately. Investments that pay off quickly.

Highly efficient
Long reaches, multi-cell clusters, 8 interpolating axes - all this allows for cost-effective solutions and maximum efficiency in machining.

High quality standards
Robots, CNC, cells - we rely on high-quality standards that we combine for your process-specific solution. This guarantees the highest quality and process reliability.

Protection of investment
Volatile markets? Our standardized cells and CNC robots can be converted to new processes. Your investments remain protected.

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